The Davisons
Not Your Usual Family Photos
in Auckland

The Davisons and I had decided Wynyard Quarter in Auckland would be a fab spot to take their family photos. My session with them started at their home with me helping them to decide what they would wear for their family photo shoot. With the striking colours, and interesting structures, lines and shapes at Wynyard Quarter in mind, I picked out colours, patterns and styles I knew would look totally awesome.

I started photographing the whole family together. Before I got them to sit down in front of this cool shipping container, I told the boys to go crazy and tickle their Mum and Dad on the count of three. The boys loved it! They quickly settled into the shoot, started being themselves and showing their personalities.This is a family photo taken in Auckland by family portrait photographer Mala Photography. In this photo are a family of four - Mum, Dad and two young boys. They are sitting on the ground in front of a red and white shipping container at Wynyard Quarter. They are all smiling and laughing as the boys are tickling their parents. We moved to another shipping container to change things up. A different spot that would work well with the first one. The boys were really getting into it and enjoying running around. So, for the next shots I kept up the energetic vibe and got them to leap into the air.Taken during a family photo shoot in Auckland, this is a photo of two brothers jumping in the air and having fun. They are jumping in front of a bright red shipping container with a big red spot painted on it. This photo was taken during a family portrait session with Mala Photography, an Auckland based family portrait photographer.After taking these epic shots of the boys, I asked them to help me behind the camera with taking photos of their Mum and Dad. I’ve always found that kids love doing this and get really into helping me. Then it was time for some more photos of the whole family before we took some time out for ice cream. This is a photo taken by Mala Photography, an Auckland based family portrait photographer. This is a photo of a family of four - parents plus their two young boys. They are walking along in line eating ice creams.After demolishing ice creams and wiping ice cream off the boys faces, we finished up with individual shots of the boys and a different kind of family photo – one of their legs and sneaker feet. Cool huh?!

Family Portrait Photography – Auckland

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