Hey! I’m Mala. I’m so stoked you’re here! It’s fab to meet you.

This is me. It’s a selfie. Don’t you just love my sequined, leopard print boots?!

OK. So, I’m not your usual photographer. I reckon you’re having a squiz around my website because, like me,  you’re into being yourself and doing your own thing. And you like edgy, quirky stuff. Am I right?

I’m friendly, and love chatting, telling funny stories and having a laugh. I’ve been a photographer for over ten years and know this for sure – absolutely anyone and everyone can have fantastic photos. It’s not about what you look like or what you’re wearing. It’s about how you feel. I’ve got a knack for helping people to chill, be natural and let their guard down. That’s when the best photos happen. You know the ones, the ones that show the real you and that make you go, “Ahhhhhhhhhhh! I flippin’ love this!”

You’re not like anyone else and your photos shouldn’t be like anyone else’s either. I know you see things differently and see things others don’t see. That’s where we’re alike. Let’s do this together. We can do lots of cool creative stuff, have fun and crack up laughing along the way.

Me ‘n’ My Style

  • I offer videography as well. You’ll love my team of videographers. They’re so AWESOME!
  • Colourful and vibrant. The brighter the better I say.
  • Natural and spontaneous with big expressions.
  • Intriguing and unusual. Photos that you cant stop looking at.
  • Arty and edgy. Not like everyone else’s.
  • I’ll be your hype gal and biggest cheerleader.
  • Limiting the number of bookings I take means I’m always at my creative best and available to you.
  • I’m always happy to answer questions, help out, and give advice and recommendations.
  • Preparing and planning are super important to me. We can do that together.

A bride and groom on a look out at Manhattan Beach in Los Angeles against a brilliant blue sky. Photo taken by destination wedding photographer - Mala Photography

“Mala photographed our wedding and engagement photos! She made us feel so comfortable when it’s sometimes awkward in front of the camera, and we loved her candid style. She captured the moments beautifully and I’m so grateful we have these memories to look back on. She has a great eye for really cool shots and we have amazing photos to show for it! Highly recommend!!” Christie & Sanjay


” LOVE LOVE LOVE our photos!! Thank you so much” Chantal & Chris

Wanna know if I’m available or just have a chat? Schedule a call with me HERE or fill out your deets below and I’ll call you…



Another selfie of me. This time with my Stormtrooper cushion. I LOVE Star Wars! IMO Luke Skywalker is the best Jedi Knight ever.


Talk soon and can’t wait to photograph you. I know we’ll have fun and you’ll nail it!