Hey! I’m Mala – an Auckland Wedding, Portrait & Event Photographer.

Thanks for swinging by my website and checking it out. I’m so stoked you’re here. Hang out as long as you like.

Here’s some random stuff about me:

I can’t live without colour. The brighter, the better, I say.

Tomorrow I’m going to dye my hair blue.. 

I went to photography school in Melbourne

I’ve been a photographer for 10 years. It’s the best!

 My husband and my son are my fave humans. Love. Love. Love them!


I was crap at Maths at school.

I totally love 80s pop music. I’ve got a heap of it on vinyl.

I can’t walk past an op shop without having a quick look inside.

IMO Luke Skywalker is the best Jedi Knight ever.


That’s enough about me.




If you wanna have a blast while I photograph you and get cool photos,

give me a call or flick me an email from my Contact Page.

Mobile: +64 21 771 334

Email: hello@malaphotography.com

See ya!