Family Photography
Tennessy, Tom & Cecile
Kare Kare Beach

Children's Photography Auckland

A wild and rugged West coast beach was the perfect place to photograph this little family. Being an Auckland based portrait photographer, families will sometimes have a place in mind for their family photo session. On this occasion, Tennessy and Tom left it to me to pick a spot that would give them the natural, relaxed and fun family photos they were after.

I’ve photographed couples during engagement shoots and families quite a few times at Kare Kare beach, and the place never ceases to amaze me. I’m in awe every time I go there. Something about it makes me feel at peace.

It was mid-Winter so we had the beach to ourselves and suprisingly, it wasn’t too cold. We were also blessed with a dramatic, cloudy sky. As soon as we arrived at the beach, I was clicking away as little Cecile ran toward the water, smiling and screaming with delight.

These three had fun! So did I as I photographed them walking along the beach, running away from waves, racing each other, climbing sand dunes and mucking around in long grass. There were lots of smiles, laughs, kisses and cuddles to capture while I hung out with these guys. I had a bunch of fun and laughs too, wading through the water, running to keep up with Cecile, crawling through long grass and jumping across pools of water to get the shots.

As a family portrait photographer, for me it’s all about photographing a family doing the fun stuff they usually do together and letting kids go crazy. That’s when I really see the closeness and connection within a family.

Two of my favourite shots from this family photo session are of Cecile – the one of her feet and multi-coloured toe nails and the wide angle one of Cecile looking out to see.

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